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Writing is hard to do!

I know, I know. I’m sure a zillion people have whined, whimpered or plain out cried those words. Praying to all the gods above to make that magical moment happen. When your brain goes ‘woohoo’ and everything just ends up on that page.

But I’m finding it really tough to grab the inspiration out of thin air, after a full 8 hours on my ‘yawn’ real job. Soul draining as it is some days.

This week I decided to get all feng shui. And my co-workers spent yesterday thinking I was crazy as I took out time to move my desk and all my stuff in circles until I got exactly like I wanted. It was worth it though. While work is still work, today I felt different. Cosy? More in control?

While I’m a total newb about feng shui, I found it interesting that only a few changes made my work day feel more comfortable. So this weekend I think I’m going to put aside some time to move around my writing spot. I’ve read tons of articles about making your writing place creative and inspirational, however I’ve never really tried that. My experience in moving my office space at work around has made me a believer.

How about you all? Any neat things you’ve discovered that makes the hard part of writing a little less angsty?


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