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Tokyo Pizza – A rollicking good time

Tokyo Pizza was written by Michael Lane as an entry for the 30 hour #nanowriwee contest held by Harper Collins. It made it to the shortlist and it was a well deserved accolade. I had the pleasure of reading Toyko Pizza in its raw state at hour 31 of the contest and even then it was an amazing bit of literature.

Polished up for Amazon, its even better. Its main character is easily identified with from the very first paragraph, and the author never let that lapse throughout the entire novella.

The writing is quick paced, slick and tongue in cheek. With a full cast of characters that are unique, paired up with realistic surroundings made this a rollicking fun read. The ending had some nice twists which I didn’t see coming, and I appreciated the fact the author was able to catch me by surprise.

Definitely worth the time! I highly recommend it.

You can find it here on Amazon! Get it while it’s hot.


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Thursdays Child.

Ever wonder about Thursdays?  No one ever seems to pay much attention to this poor maligned day.


Unofficially suck for most of us. Especially those like me who can’t seem to get it through their heads Sunday night that they really should put down whatever great book they are reading and damn well go to sleep.


No one cares, other than it’s better then being Monday.


Well it’s halfway through the week for us working stiffs, and we spend most of our time aggravated by the fact that it isn’t Friday.

Friday . We all care, because its almost over until the next round.

Thursdays just seem to slide by without a mention from anyone.  I seem to get most and the best of my work done on a Thursday. It seems to be the day of the week that my brain finally has admitted it’s  a workday, and catches up to the real world. It’s odd I know. But then I’ve been accused a fair number of times, of being odd.

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Are you a self-starter or a self-finisher?

In the language of my real job. Aka the one I have to show up to every morning, it’s known as being a ‘self-starter’. I’ve often wondered how a person really is supposed to parse that into a functional state of being.

Sure I could say I’m a self-starter, in effect I do qualify. However if I wanted to be technically correct, I would have classify myself more as ‘the idea girl.” I’m great at ideas at work – how to make things work better, faster, more simply. KISS is my motto.

When it comes to writing, I’m the idea girl as well. I’ve got a million (ok maybe not that many) ideas, beginnings, endings rolling around in my head. I think the more important question that should be asked of people like me is. “Are you a self-finisher?”

Not so much!

I can finish my projects, but they seem to drain the life out of me. Especially when the idea monkey is jabbering away inside my head, hopping up and down with the NEW SPARKLY ideas that are desperate to see the light of day.

My new experiment on an idea I have *yes a writing idea* is I’m for sure going to break one of those million writing rules that I’ve yet to learn, and write my next story from the end to the beginning. Take that you self-finisher people!

P.S. I’ll hand in my report later.

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