Dark Dreams

The  baying  of hounds echoed  in the sultry night.  Their undulating cries grew closer, as the pack reached the courtyard.  Long claws skittered up the marble steps and spilled into the hallway. Their scent was ripe. The coppery scent of blood hung in a miasma about their swirling forms.  Panting  tongues dripped saliva along the pristine halls as they sought egress into the apartments within the building.

A  small child huddled beneath her bed, staring at the partially opened window of her bedroom.  Shivering, she held her breath, hoping they wouldn’t find her.  Desperation winning over fear, she slipped from her hiding place and struggled with the window pane, pushing it down against a pair of scrabbling paws  with all the might her  ten year old body could muster.

On the foyer  beyond, a solitary shadow reflected in the dim light that passed through the shattered pane of the front door. Slim and well built, he tossed back his heavy mane of unruly hair, and howled at the moon.


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One response to “Dark Dreams

  1. DJ Frenzy

    Omg….you simply must let me friend you in second life… You write like a voice in my head… The kind of voice I love to hear in there…

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