Brain Candy

I am a reader first and a writer second. I’ve always read.  The highlight of my young reading  life as terrifying as it sounds, was when I was 7.  I remember I was 7 because we live in Grande Prairie Alberta at the time, and I read Black Beauty.   I loved that book.   I loved horses (what little girl doesn’t?) and I loved to read.

After I finished that particular book, I still remember vividly hunting around for a book in the house that wasn’t a baby book.   As a now wise and accomplished 7 year old,  I had decided that all my Disney books and such that occupied my bookshelf were now baby books since I had conquered Black Beauty.

My parents were and are still avid readers,  so off I went to peruse their bookshelf.   I found a book that was large, heavy and to me – the absolute definition of a grown up book.   It was the complete collection of  Shakespeare’s works.

It took me all winter, but I read it.   And than I read it again.   I don’t remember understanding half of it, I probably didn’t.   However its a memory that stayed brilliant in my mind and I do remember that ‘Taming of the Shrew’ came out as the winner in the which was my favorite class.

And a reader was born.   Since then I’ve read thousands of books.   I like it all.   I like bodice rippers as I call them, I love me a great detective book.   Adventure and carousing, I’ll take that too.   I can read horror, but its a bit more work for me.

I read Fountainhead in 3 days in high school, but as an adult I had to force myself to read Atlas Shrugged.   But then I’ll turn around and happily zip through a Dick Francis book in an evening (I still love horses! That’s never changed.)

Then I began to write, and for years I never finished anything, because I kept thinking but I don’t have anything to say.   I often wondered how other writers got around that issue.   I’ve heard the usual caveat  ” write what you know”.    However for me,  my life has never been particularly exciting, I went to school, got a job, rode my horse, got married and had children.   That’s about all I know. (Not that I’m complaining – it’s been pretty damned nice over all. )

Of course being married to a journalist and author also prompts me to discuss books and how we write them much more than I ever used to.   I used to just shrug and think – no one will be interested in what I write, because I don’t have anything insightful deep or meaningful to say.

I was wrong.

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough now, or wise enough (Doubt that!) but I had a epiphany one day.   I know stuff.   Hell I know a lot of stuff, and what I don’t know I can damn well make up, after all fiction is art.  In my opinion art breaks the rules, because it can.

So I’m off to write.



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2 responses to “Brain Candy

  1. Anyone who was reading Shakespeare at 7 has a LOT to say. 🙂

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