I am a wallflower.

We belong to the most unique of groups.  A glorious tribe of people who refuse to conform. We are the dreamers, the artists, and the geniuses.  We belong in a way that that regular  people can’t understand.  They will never understand. We sometimes deign to include them in our circles, but our tribe never truly accepts them. One could question why.  Unless you are truly a wallflower, you won’t get it.

We live in the shadows.  We watch the grand parade with eyes that truly see and ears that truly hear. We are the cynics, the disbelievers, and the truth seekers.  Vanity holds no place in our hearts.  The cold cruelty of your words and actions cannot touch us.   We have seen the fire and felt the ashes grow cold beneath our palms.  Collectively we have watched the phoenix rise time and again.

We are the questioners, the philosophers and the story tellers. We hold our own truths and follow our own honor code. You cannot belong unless we agree to let you. You label us.  Incorrectly.  But we allow it. To you we are the geeks, the nerds and the losers. We don’t care.  Because we know history,  and history always repeats itself.

We are your future.


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Filed under Short Stories by Claudia Lane

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