Thursdays Child.

Ever wonder about Thursdays?  No one ever seems to pay much attention to this poor maligned day.


Unofficially suck for most of us. Especially those like me who can’t seem to get it through their heads Sunday night that they really should put down whatever great book they are reading and damn well go to sleep.


No one cares, other than it’s better then being Monday.


Well it’s halfway through the week for us working stiffs, and we spend most of our time aggravated by the fact that it isn’t Friday.

Friday . We all care, because its almost over until the next round.

Thursdays just seem to slide by without a mention from anyone.  I seem to get most and the best of my work done on a Thursday. It seems to be the day of the week that my brain finally has admitted it’s  a workday, and catches up to the real world. It’s odd I know. But then I’ve been accused a fair number of times, of being odd.


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